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Christopher Cuttle, LIGHTING BY DESIGN

This book is concerned with devising electric lighting installations for architectural spaces that will contribute towards achieving architectural design objectives. It is written for architects, interior designers and specialist lighting designers. It presumes a basic knowledge of lighting technology, although a brief summary is given in the Appendices for the benefit of those who might need an occasional reminder.

The book comprises three parts. Part One is titled ‘Observation’, and the thesis is that the aspects of lighting that concern a designer are those that can be seen to make a difference. The problem is that we all take lighting for granted, and we simply do not notice what lighting can do until we direct ourselves to look for it. If people enjoy the visual experience of a space or the objects it contains, the lighting must have been working well for them. That they remember the architecture or the beautiful art, and they don’t remember the first thing about the lighting, is not the issue. To become a lighting designer it is necessary to understand the role of lighting in revealing that experience. This is done by objectively examining interactions of light and matter and developing an extensive range of observation-based experience of lighting.

Part Two is titled ‘Visualization’. A lighting design concept develops in the designer’s mind, and its strength depends on the designer’s ability to visualize three-dimensional space and to bring to that vision observation-based experience of lighting. This use of the term visualization should not be confused with computergenerated renderings. The process described involves applying lighting design criteria to build up a mental image of the design situation in light, and developing the skill to communicate and discuss that concept with a client and other professional designers working on the project.

Part Three is titled ‘Realization’. Unlike stage and studio lighting designers, the architectural lighting designer realizes the design

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